Jess Cheatham is a ceramicist and freelance everything'ist living and working in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Perfectly quoted from Native Magazine:

"Are you a vision of grace and poise? One of those people who never trips, never drops things, and never, without a hint of irony, says, “Did I do that?”

If you are, please teach us your ways. If you aren’t, you may be interested in pieces by Salt Ceramics, a local company that specializes in functional, everyday ceramics (i.e. ceramics that can handle a few “oh shit” moments). Founder Jess Cheatham handmakes everything from bowls to cups to mezcal sippers, and each piece is made to order in her studio at The Elephant Gallery. And even if you haven’t picked up one of Cheatham’s pieces, there’s a good chance you’ve seen (or will see) them around town—they’re at Rolf & Daughters, Cafe Roze, and Noelle, the newly revitalized 1930s hotel next to Printer’s Alley. Klutzes of the world unite!"

With the focus being on simplicity and functionality, my aim is to create sturdy, everyday pieces that can survive in even the most clumsy of hands... (for all my fellow klutz's).  All pieces are wheel-thrown, coated in food-safe glaze and fired in an electric kiln to 2200 degrees. Please keep in mind that while some pieces can serve many purposes, anything without glaze would not be recommended for food/drink. While hand-washing is always preferred, running tableware through the dishwasher is A-ok.